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What’s Inside

Cruel SadistQuicklingParagon of open gravesBrood keeperRummaging goblin
ChronostutterSelfless catharKrenko’s enforcerTyrant’s machineStatute of denial
Zof shadeHunt the weakLightning strikeAmphin pathmage

The Best Ones

Lightning strikeBrood keeperQuickling

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick


How does Quickling stand up in the quadrant theory? Let’s see.

Development: I love haveing Quickling in my openeing hand. To play her on turn 2 though you will need a few 1 drops.
All in all, she gets an UP in development

Parity: Quickling really isn’t a parity card. Her neatest trick is bouncing a creature that’s blocking before damage is dealt and that’s not that good in parity.

Winning: If you’re winning then getting a 2/2 flyer for 2 mana is going to be nice. Just play her after damage is dealt to your opponent or to save a blocked attacker.

Losing: Quickling is not great when you are losing. If your board is empty you’re in trouble because you can’t cast her.

Quickling shines in development. So much that she is worth including even though she’s not stellar in the other area (just like Elvish Mystic).

What Do You Think?

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