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What’s Inside

Preeminent captainConstricting sliverFeral invocationVenom sliverEvolving wilds
Satyr wayfinderRadiant fountainShadowcloak vampireVineweftFrost lynx
Heliod’s pilgrimFoundry street denizenNimbus of the isles

The Best Ones

Constricting sliverPreeminent captain

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Constricting sliver

How does Constricting Sliver stand up in the quadrant theory? Let’s see.

Development: If Constricting Sliver were in my opening hand I would not be too happy. So it gets a DOWN on development.

Parity: If I top decked Constricting Sliver during a stalled game I would be very happy. It gets an UP in parity.

Winning: If you’re winning Constricting Sliver is going to seal the deal. I love having attackers on the board with mana to open and my opponent has nothing on their side. Anything they play falls prey to the sliver. Big UP in the winning quadrant.

Losing: When you’re losing Constricting Sliver can turn things around. Not in a big way but enough to help stabilize. You can exile their biggest threat and still have a blocker open to defend. Just don’t risk the sliver too often as their threat will come back when it dies. But you should be able to get a few more draw steps in to finish stabilizing. UP here too.

Constricting Sliver is an all around good card and I am never cutting it from my white deck.

What Do You Think?

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