What’s Inside

Spirit bondsOverwhelmSeraph of the massesWall of essenceFestergloom
Radiant fountainUndergrowth scavengerMind rotTyphoid ratsCharging rhino
Ephemeral shieldsMiner’s baneWelkin ternRazorfoot griffin

The Best Ones

Spirit bondsWelkin tern

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Spirit bonds

Spirit Bonds is hands down the best card in this pack.

You can make flying tokens and then sacrifice them to make other creatures indestructible!

Look for cheap creatures so you always have extra mana to make tokens.

Since you can sacrifice any spirit then feel free to grab a Triplicate Spirits if it comes your way.

Once you have a bomb out keep a few spirits and a couple of mana in reserve.

Keep in mind, if your opponent plays Spirit Bonds against you then on the next game you should side in some enchantment removal.

Finally, a Paragon of New Dawns will make your one mana flying tokens 2/2s. Not a bad deal.

What Do You Think?

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