What’s Inside

Jalira, master polymorphistDevouring lightInto the voidHot soupSatyr wayfinder
Mind rotCarnivorous moss-beastBlack catVerdant havenTyphoid rats
Nimbus of the islesDivine favorHammerhandFugitive wizard

The Best Ones

Jalira, master polymorphistDevouring lightNimbus of the isles

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Jalira, master polymorphist

Jalira, Master Polymorphist is a build-around-me card.

You are going to want cheap creatures to sacrifice and large creatures to get for free.

The Fugitive Wizard in this pack will proabably wheel (go around the table and come back to you) and be perfect cannon fodder for Jalira’s tricks.

Keep in mind you can use her ability at instant speed. You can chump block and then sacrifice that blocker using Jalira. HOw cool is that!

I’m excited to take her first and see what combos I can come up with.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

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Would you first pick Jalira, Master Polymorphist?

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