What’s Inside

Obelisk of urdMight makes rightStab woundMeteoriteBorderland marauder
ChronostutterWill-forged golemSanctified chargeGenerator servantHydrosurge
Accursed spiritHunt the weakCrowd’s favor

This pack had a premium (foil) Swamp. That’s why there is one missing.

The Best Ones

Stab woundGenerator servantSanctified charge

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Stab wound

Stab Wound can win you games. If your opponent doesn’t have a way to get rid of their own creature they are in trouble.

If possible, put Stab Wound on something with 4 toughness. This will keep it out of range from things like Forge Devil.

Every color has an answer: Green and White can remove the enchantment, Black and Red can kill the target and Blue can bounce it. (So don’t loose hope if you are on the receiving end of a Stab Wound.)

All in all, Stab Wound is a great pick and a neusance to deal with.

What Do You Think?

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