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What’s Inside

Siege dragonQuicklingConstricting sliverMeteoriteEternal thirst
VineweftZof shadeElvish mysticNecrobiteSatyr wayfinder
Foundry street denizenNimbus of the islesDivine favorHammerhand

The Best Ones

Siege dragonQuicklingConstricting sliver

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Siege dragon

Siege Dragon is such a blow out card. You will do a lot of damage with a 5/5 flier tha also wipes the ground of all the riff raff that clutters up the battlefield later in the game.

Unanswered Siege Dragon will eventually win you the game, making him a bomb.

Keep in mind he has two red mana symbols but by the time you get to 7 mana anyway, you should have no problem meeting that requirement.

I highly recommend drafting a Generator Servant to cast the Siege Dragon a turn or two early AND give it haste. That will really surprise your opponent.

Hands down Siege Dragon is my first pick …

What Do You Think?

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Would you first pick Siege Dragon?

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