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What’s Inside

Kalonian twingroveEndless obedienceKapsho kitefinsWall of mulchMarked by honor
Blastfire boltMind sculptMeditation puzzleGoblin roughriderHydrosurge
Witch’s familiarCharging rhinoThundering giantResearch assistant

The Best Ones

Kalonian twingroveKapsho kitefinsCharging rhino

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Kalonian Twingrove

Kalonian Twingrove is double trouble for your opponent. The fact that the power and toughness scale with each forest you play means this treefolk warrior maintains its relevancy through out the game.

You can play the Twingrove as early as you can and as long as you continue playing forests you’ll get more and more value.

I think you need at least three forests in play to make casting Kalonian Twingrove worth it. The more the merrier of course, but at least three.

What Do You Think?

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