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What’s Inside

Soul of new phyrexiaNissa’s expeditionBelligerent sliverLeeching sliverSoulmender
Blastfire boltInvisibilitySanctified chargeRummaging goblinNegate
Flesh to dustSiege wurmClear a pathEvolving wilds

The Best Ones

Soul of new phyrexiaFlesh to dust

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Soul of New Phyrexia

Soul of New Phyrexia is hands down the best card in this pack and the clear first pick.

Because this Avatar is colorless it fits in any deck, and trust me, you’re going to love having a 6/6 trample for 6 mana in any deck.

By first picking Soul of New Phyrexia you keep yourself open and are able to see what is passed to you before you move in on a color.

Also, the Soul’s ability is very strong and will be a thorn in your opponent’s side. Unless they have exile spells it will be very hard to interact with your side of the board.

You should absolutely first pick Soul of New Phyrexia and then move into any strategy you want. Include it in the top end of any deck that wants to win.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

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Would you first pick Soul of New Phyrexia? What do you think of the rest of the pack?

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