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What’s Inside

Mass calcifyQuicklingReclamation sageJorubai murk lurkerUndergrowth scavenger
Crippling blightEvolving wildsLiving totemInferno fistSungrace pegasus
Carrion crowPeel from realityPlummetTireless missionaries

The Best Ones

QuicklingJorubai murk lurkerPeel from reality

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick


Quickling stands out in this pack because of its ability to set up combos and the fact that it is a flier with flash.

You can save a blocker or reuse an enter the battlefield effect and then have a flier left over. Great deal.

Quickling brings cheap, efficient evasion to the blue mage and will hardly get cut.

What Do You Think?

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Would you pick something else over Quickling?

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