102: Drink, Sleep, Plan with Corey Burkhart

Corey Burkhart has 3 Grand Prix top 8s this season alone, is a Gold Level Pro and a proud member of team Ultra Pro.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Battle for Zendikar

Favorite Card

[draft]Tidehollow Sculler[/draft]

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Being with friends.

Worst Magic Moment

Finals of a Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS), Corey mulled to 3, and then loses in a two-turn play. A friend told Corey what was at stake if he won and this might have thrown off his focus a bit.

Then, at Grand Prix Albequerque 2013 Corey choked in a late round by firing off a [card]Sphinx’s Revelation[/card] too early.

Proudest Magic Moment

Grand Prix Oakland 2016 where Corey locked in Gold Level Pro status was huge but the sportsmanship of his opponent is what stands out to him the most.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not thinking about the outcome of a play or turn ahead of time. HAVE A PLAN!

Consider how your spells line up with your opponents’.

What Are You Working On?

Limited; adapting to signals and predicting the meta game

Improvement Suggestions

Play all kinds of games and puzzles.

Remember, it’s a game. HAVE FUN! Relationships are more important.

Connect With Corey Burkhart

Twitter: @Corey_Burkhart

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