110: Visualization and Realization, Arne Huschenbeth’s Key to Success

Arne Huschenbeth started playing in Khans of Tarkir. He Top 8’d ten out of 12 PPTQs last season, and won 2 of them!! He Top 8’d his fourth Grand Prix in Paris. And made Top 64 at GP Manchester.

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First Set

8th Edition

Favorite Set

Khans of Tarkir

Favorite Card

Dragonlord Ojutai

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

It’s so fascinating. You can get better at it every day. Magic is the first time Arne really loved doing something.

Worst Magic Moment

Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad. Arne was crushed in the draft and didn’t make day 2. Sleep well.

He learned you should sleep well before events. He stayed up until 2 am the night before.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8 @ GP Paris – He felt a feeling of freedom  He was screaming “You did it!” in his head.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Arne loves to travel and be with friends.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Tapping mana wrong. Untapped mana represents something. Sending messages is part of Magic, make sure you’re sending the right messages all the time.

Also, players often think they are the aggressor when they’re not.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Arne traveled every weekend to a tournament somewhere. He consumed Magic content (articles + videos) and played a lot on XMage. This helped him make his GP top 8.

What’s in Your Tournament Bag

Apples, Bananas, Water, Deck, Back Pack

Activities to Improve

Arne uses visualization techniques to envision winning and what that feels like.

he also draws on his strategy and management skills.

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Wizards Coverage


Be confident and keep going.

Connect With Arne Huschenbeth

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