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What’s Inside

Temur ascendancyWindstormWatcher of the roostMistfire weaverJeskai windscout
Thornwood fallsAlabaster kirinSultai bannerSummit prowlerBitter revelation
Feed the clanCancelFeat of resistanceAinok tracker

The Best Ones

Mistfire weaverThornwood fallsTemur ascendancy

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Mistfire weaver

How does Mistfire Weaver stand up when critically evaluated? Let’s see.

Development: As a morph card it fits nicely into an early game slot, building out your board and giving you a blocker.

Parity: Mistfire Weaver is not great at parity. Other than making your opponent’s removal spell fizzle you aren’t getting much out of the Djinn in a stalled board because it only has 1 toughness.
This makes it a poor blocker.

Winning: It’s nice to have faster-than-instant-speed hexproof up your sleeve or a 3 power flyer, so it’s good when you’re winning.

Losing: Mistfire Weaver will not be turning games around for you.

I will rarely hard cast Mistfire Weaver. The clear benefit of protecting itself or one of your bombs is too great to pass. If you can get a card out of your opponent then Mistfire Weaver pays off.

What Do You Think?

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Would you first pick Mistfire Weaver from this pack?

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