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What’s Inside

Kheru lich lordSwarm of bloodfliesTuskguard captainHighspire mantisAbzan charm
ThrottleMardu bannerSnowhorn riderBlossoming sandsWhirlwind adept
EraseTusked colossodonShatterAinok bond-kin

The Best Ones

Kheru lich lordTuskguard captainAbzan charmAinok bond-kin

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Kheru lich lord

How does Kheru Lich Lord stand up when critically evaluated? Let’s see.

Development: At 6 mana Kheru Lich Lord is not a development card.

Parity: If your yard is full of creatures then this Lord is great to have when at parity.

Winning: Kheru Lich Lord is still a 4/4 if you are winning and don’t have much in the yard.

Losing: Since he only gets the creatures on your upkeep and not at instant speed you won’t get additional blockers, which is a draw back.

This pack is ridiculous! The Lich Lord is cool but the Abzan Charm is definitely up there as well. (Since removal is at a premium in Limited I won’t blame you for take the charm first.)
Then there are to great Outlast creatures and an Abzan mana fixer! Like I said, this pack is nuts.

I went with the Lord to try out a graveyard strategy. Fill the yard with fatties and cast them at value.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

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Would you first pick Kheru Lich Lord from this pack?

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