15: How to Tell if a Card is Fake and other Resources with A.E. Marling

A.E. Marling has won a Modern Star City Games invitational qualifier and has been one game away from the Pro Tour TWICE. He writes the incredibly popular and gratefully useful Foolproof Magic series for GatheringMagic. He is also a cosplayer, a Level 20 flavor judge, and a fantasy author.

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Evaluation Tips

Compare new cards to old, similar cards. That’s why constantly playing Limited is important.

Limited Tips

Don’t force a deck around pet cards that you like. Be willing to switch colors and ditch your first few picks if another strategy presents itself.

Play Testing

There is no substitute for practice. Use proxies or an online client to get reps in with a deck before you decide to invest in it.

Check out:

Magic: The Gathering Proxy Generator – Input the cards you need and the site will generate card images the perfect size to print, cut out and sleeve up.

Cockatrice – An online client to build decks and play against yourself to test things out.


Organize your board in a consistent way that makes sense to you. ie Creatures by power in descending order. Find something that works for you and be consistent.

Magic Resource

Puca Trade

Send and receive cards from everywhere! We also talked about how to tell if a card is fake.

Interview Links

LSV set reviews on Channel Fireball

Limited Resources

The Magic Show

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