14: Foolproof Magic with A.E. Marling

A.E. Marling has been one game away from the Pro Tour TWICE and has won a Premier Star City Games Qualifier in Modern. He writes the incredibly popular and gratefully useful Foolproof Magic series for GatheringMagic and writes flavor text for Wizards of the Coast! He is also a cosplayer, a Level 20 flavor judge, and a fantasy author.

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Mr. Foolproof Magic Himself

A.E. shared some amazing tips all throughout the episode and I’d be remiss if I didn’t try to catch them here for you.

Consume Magic event coverage. Watch what the pros are doing and learn from their successes as well as mistakes.

Play your land “in isolation” to create a visual queue that you’ve played a land this turn. That way you won’t accidentally play two lands in a turn.

Organize your board in an easy-to-track way.

Bottom line: Develop a system that works for you and use the Foolproof Magic articles as a spring board into systematic.

The Foolproof Magic suite:

Foolproof Magic – Upkeep Triggers

Foolproof Magic 2 – Complex Board States

Foolproof Magic 3 – Calculating Combat Damage 

Foolproof Magic 4 – Did I Play a Land?

Foolproof Magic 5 – No Game Plan

First Set


Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Arcbound Ravager

What makes Magic fun for you?

The imagery and imagination are so fascinating while the mental sport is captivating.

Early Challenge

Feeling like he deserved to win and then tilting when he didn’t was A.E.’s biggest struggle. One mistake cost him a tournament when he was young and this drove him away for a time. A.E. eventually realized that losing because you made a mistake is one of the beauties of Magic: The Gathering.

Level Up Moment

Realizing that your decisions matter and Magic is a game that when you make a mistake you lose. That’s awesome because it shows that every choice is important.

Best Format

Sealed / Draft and Modern

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Tilting and not understand why it happens or how to control/curb it. We had a great discussion about stoicism and it’s application to Magic.

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