Qualify for the Pro Tour With a Pro-Level Deck

Missing Day 2 or the Top 8 of a Grand Prix by 1 Match? If That’s You . . . Keep Reading: ¬†

You love Magic.

I know you do, ’cause you’re here.

Whether it’s the addiction to puzzles, the sense of belonging, the strategy, or a reason to travel and interact with other people, Magic does something for you.

However, beneath it all Magic fulfills your competitive drive.

It’s an outstanding way for you to measure yourself and the competition makes you strive to constantly improve so you don’t have to feel the let down of defeat.

As you know, Magic competition hinges on a well-built deck.

Poor decks keep you from winning local events, from making day 2 of a Grand Prix or even qualifying for the Pro Tour.

If you have no real experience building decks, or struggle with appropriately gauging how to build and brew decks, if your decks always flop and you feel you just suck at building decks, cheer up!


Deck building is a skill that can be learned” and you’re in the right place to learn it.

The Deck Building Master Class is the solution to your deck building woes.

Through interviewing over 172 of the best Magic players in the world I’ve learned there is a process the great deck builders go through when evaluating the metagame and making a standard deck.

The Deck Building Master Class reveals this process as AJ Sacher, Michael Majors and Matt Severa dive deep into how to track the evolution of standard, recognize trends in the metagame, pick a winning strategy and determine adjustments to make moving forward.

Armed with this knowledge your competitions will be more exciting as you get that feeling that comes when you know you and your opponent are doing the best you can to win.

You’ll win more because your decks will be better and because you’ll have a deep understanding of what’s working and why.

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Deck Building Master Class Co-hosts

AJ Sacher

AJ Sacher

AJ Sacher has 2 Grand Prix Top 8s and 15 SCG Top 8s including 2 wins and is widely recognized as one of the best deck builders in the Magic community.

As a content creator, he’s produced content for StarCityGames and TCG Player and currently writes articles, shoots videos and streams as part of the Numot Gaming team.

Michael Majors

Michael Majors

Michael Majors has 4 Grand Prix Top 8s including 1 win and has 2 Pro Tour Top 16 finishes! He also has 7 SCG Open Top 8’s including 1 win and a SCG Invitational top 8.

Michael’s deck building abilities are without a doubt in the upper echelons of the competitive community and he comes highly recommended and much requested to the Deck Building Master Class.

He co-hosts the GAM Podcast and produces premium content for StarCityGames.

Matt Severa

Matt Severa

Matt Severa has 6 Grand Prix Top 8s including 3 wins! His persistence to the grind and dedication to the game have earned him a spot among the top deck builders. Matt’s talent is specifically in tweaking existing strategies and comes highly requested as Deck Building Master Class co host.

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