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Conquer your specific challenge and move even closer to the playing on the Pro Tour with these custom tips.

As you know, deck building is not the only obstacle you’re going to face.

You’ll also need to:

  • Discover how to evaluate the metagame
  • Participate in Competitive Level events
  • Shape your mindset to handle wins and losses
  • Practice effective post-game evaluations

So you can step up from a Grand Prix regular to making day 2, top 8’ing and finally qualifying for the Pro Tour.

Which is exactly why I’ve developed this custom guide to show you the next steps to take in addition to implementing the deck building strategies you’ll receive shortly.

For starters, it appears that based on the answers you provided you are a Magic Battlemage and you face the Battlemage’s Challenge!

Battlemages are regulars at their LGS and often place at or near the top of FNM and other local events.

Battlemages attend Grand Prix, especially when they’re nearby, but are also willing to travel a bit to compete.

While Battlemages enjoy the Grand Prix experience and are confident in their Magic abilities, they haven’t made day two yet.

They follow major Magic events, know the top decks and big name players but struggle with a few elements of the game that are holding them back.

Sideboarding, deckbuilding, playtest groups and time to practice are the major issues and if Battlemages could just kick these stumbling blocks to the curb they’d be off to the races.

The Battlemage’s Challenge is to identify their stumbling blocks and crush them so they can make day two of a Grand Prix.

As a Battlemage, if you’re serious about conquering this challenge and taking your skills to the next level then here’s what you have to do:

  1. Attend more competitive level events
  2. Identify your blocks and crush them

Step 1: Attend More Competitive Level Events

The best way to improve is to play Magic with people who are better than you.

This is crucial because when you play against better players you are forced to step up your game or get run over. You have to think hard about your plays and study what you could have done better.

Another way playing with better players helps you improve is you’re able to tap into minds that have more knowledge and experience than you and that understand the game better.

While Grand Prix are the perfect place to find high caliber players to learn from if they are the only big events you go to it will take a long time before you reach the skill level needed to advance to day two.

Thankfully, there are several other events that allow you to practice and improve while you wait for the next GP.

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQs)

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers are great events that not only provide the opportunity to practice Magic but also have the added benefit of feeding into the Pro Tour if you win.

Winners of PPTQs are invited to a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQ), where the top 4 players will receive an invite to the Pro Tour. (Players placing 5th-8th will get an invite to the next RPTQ for a second shot.)

Even if you don’t make it onto the Pro Tour this way, the practice alone will be super helpful at your next Grand Prix. This is because the caliber of opponent at PPTQs is typically higher than that of your LGS, which is due to the fact that PPTQs draw a more serious, competitive crowd.

To find a PPTQ near you check out the schedule on Wizards’ site.

PPTQ Schedule

Star City Games Tour

In addition to PPTQs, some areas of the United States offer SCG Tour events. The SCG Tour is a competitive tournament program run by Star City Games and includes Opens, Classics, Regional Championships and an Invitational, all of which offer competitive level play outside the Grand Prix circuit.

Several past guests of MTG Pro Tutor have lauded SCG Tour events (specifically the SCG Open) as great places to play competitive Magic because they remove the upper 10% and lower 25% of players who normally attend Grand Prix.

Star City Games events are not held everywhere and have a different appeal to them. Therefore, not as many high-profile players attend, making it less likely for you to sit across the table from a Pro Tour legend with a success record as long as your arm.

Similarly, since the SCG Open events have less of the Magic convention feel that Grand Prix do, you won’t find the ultra-casual players who – really just wanted to get their cards signed but decided to enter in the main event anyway and – randomly beat you with their janky home-brewed deck on a fluke.

This is not to say there are no exceptional players at SCG Opens, or you’ll never encounter a super-casual with a brew, but it does happen much less often than at a GP, giving you the chance to play solid Magic against other serious players.

If you are in an area where SCG Tour events are offered they are another great resource for keeping your skills sharp while you grind to make day 2 of a Grand Prix.

For more information and to find an event near you, check out the SCG Tour page.

SCG Tour Information

Step 2: Identify Your Blocks and Crush Them

The level of familiarity and comfort that comes by attending competitive events is invaluable; but in addition to consistently putting yourself in competitive mode, you have to focus on your technical skills as well.

You must be able to identify your weaknesses and actively work to overcome them.

These two things combined – attending events and removing your stumbling blocks – will set you up for the highest chance of success.

The best way to identify and overcome your shortcomings is actively practicing the Level Up Loop.

The Level Up Loop is the process I’ve discovered from interviewing the best Magic players in the world and it addresses and overcomes the most common issues holding Archmages back from qualifying for the Pro Tour.

It is the most efficient way to improve.

It consists of:

  • Choosing the right deck for you
  • Playtesting and practicing with that deck (and knowing the difference between the two)
  • Compiling a thorough deck guide
  • Conducting a proper post-game evaluation
  • Editing the deck and sideboard
  • Looping back around to test again

When you execute the Level Up Loop, in addition to keeping your mind and skills sharp, you go through a process that brings to light the areas of Magic you need to work on.

The Next Next Step

While qualifying for the Pro Tour by top 8ing a Grand Prix is your goal, and regularly attending higher level events (PPTQs, SCG Tour events, and Grand Prix) is your next step, you’ll find that mastering the Level Up Loop is critical to staying on top of the metagame and keeping your skills sharp.

That’s why I collaborated with past guests of the MTG Pro Tutor podcast – including a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, World Magic Cup competitors and several other topical experts – and created a premium online training course called Level Up Your Magic: The Gathering Skills.

When you purchase the Level Up Your Magic: The Gathering Skills course you will get 11 modules that walk you through how to master the Level Up Loop.

Each module includes:

  • Video
  • Downloadable audio
  • Lesson links
  • Assignments

all designed to help you build better decks and sideboards, control your emotions, and master creature combat by helping you take an active role in your improvement… AND over half of the modules are written and developed by Pro Tour players like:

Darwin Kastle

Darwin Kastle

  • Pro Tour Hall of Fame
  • 8 Pro Tour Top 8 (Incl. 1 win)
  • 6 Grand Prix Top 8 (Incl. 1 win)
  • Magic Invitational Champion (Avalanche Riders)
Eduardo Sajgalik

Eduardo Sajgalik

  • 5 Grand Prix Top 8’s
  • 2 Pro Tour Top 8
  • 4 National’s Top 8
Louis DelTour

Louis DelTour

  • Silver Pro
  • 4 Grand Prix Top 8
  • 1 National Top 8
Arnaud Soumet

Arnaud Soumet

  • World Magic Cup 3rd Place
  • Pro Tour Competitor
Aryeh Wiznitzer

Aryeh Wiznitzer

  • 2 Grand Prix Top 8
  • Pro Tour Competitor
Shaun Penrod

Shaun Penrod

  • Host of the MTG Pro Tutor podcast
  • Over 200 interviews with the brightest minds in Magic
  • Grand Prix try-hard

The modules of Level Up Your Magic: The Gathering Skills focus on the following areas:

1. Deck Selection and Building – written and developed by Aryeh Wiznitzer

Dive into how to choose the right deck for you, how to research decks, understanding your meta, and mana bases. Mastering these techniques will make you more confident in your deck choice for your next event.

Aryeh is a Pro Tour competitor who got there by top 8ing multiple Grand Prix.

2. Alternate Win Conditions – written and developed by Eduardo Sajgalik

Explore common, alternate win conditions in Limited and Modern so you can be prepared to pilot and/or counter them.

Eduardo has two Pro Tour top 8s, five Grand Prix top 8s, has made top 8 at four Nationals, and has played on three different National teams.

3. Arrive Prepared – written and developed by Arnaud Soumet

SECRETS REVEALED! The Deck Cheat Sheet will change how you prepare for events and result in more wins. Arnaud goes deep into how to make a Deck Cheat Sheet and use it to maximize your chances of success at any given tournament. (This lesson is gold! and one of my favorites.)

Arnaud Soumet has played on multiple Pro Tours and was on the French National team when they took 3rd at the World Magic Cup.

4. Have a Plan and Know Your Role – Shaun Penrod

Discover the importance of knowing how your deck is going to win and knowing whether you are the “beat down” or not. We also discuss having a plan on a turn by turn basis.

5. Efficient Use of Mana – written and developed by Louis DelTour

Louis breaks down why mana efficiency is important and covers card advantage, playing around cards and the dangers of letting your opponent decide your move.

Louis DelTour has played in 10 Pro Tours and has four Grand Prix top 8’s as well as a French Nationals top 8 in his record.

6. Playing Spells at the Wrong Time – Shaun Penrod

Discover why timing and spell sequencing are so important.

7. Keep an Even Keel – written and developed by Darwin Kastle

Pro Tour Hall of Fame member Darwin Kastle imparts timeless wisdom on why keeping your emotions in check is crucial to success as well as the impact it can have on your career.

8. Combat Math and Damage Clocks – Shaun Penrod

We discuss the bread and butter of Magic – the combat step. You’ll discover how to use your life as a resource as well as practice calculating combat math.

9. Traps – Shaun Penrod

Discover how to identify and avoid traps your opponents try to set.

10. Sideboarding – written and developed by Eli Kassis

Eli shares six absolutes that inform your sideboarding decision and will make you a better mage.

Eli Kassis has cashed six Pro Tours, made top 8 at two Grand Prix, and has won 18 PPTQs.

11. Post Game Evaluation – written and developed by Arnaud Soumet

Arnaud explains the difference between testing and practicing and when you want to do them. He also prompts what you should think about after each game.

Arnaud Soumet has played on multiple Pro Tours and was on the French National team when they took 3rd at the World Magic Cup.


In addition to the 11 module Level Up Your Magic: The Gathering Skills course, I am including another three module package titled Limited Toolbox for FREE!!! (normally sold for $27)

In Limited Toolbox, you’ll get a mini-course on Sealed and Draft with past MTG Pro Tutor guests Wally Wallerstein and Eduardo Sajgalik.

Wally Wallerstein

Wally Wallerstein

  • 1 Grand Prix Top 8
  • Limited legend
Shaun Penrod

Shaun Penrod

  • Host of the MTG Pro Tutor podcast
  • Over 200 interviews with the brightest minds in Magic
  • Grand Prix try-hard
Eduardo Sajgalik

Eduardo Sajgalik

  • 5 Grand Prix Top 8’s
  • 2 Pro Tour Top 8
  • 4 National’s Top 8

The training includes:

1. Limited deck building – written and developed by Robert (Wally) Wallerstein

Discover the makeup of a Limited deck and how to evaluate cards in Limited.

Wally is a Limited legend in his community and qualified for the Pro Tour via a Limited Grand Prix.


2. Color Selection – Shaun Penrod

Discover how to choose a color in Draft, how to stay open, and when to plant your flag.


3. Paying Attention – written and developed by Eduardo Sajgalik

Eduardo reveals how to take note of what’s going on, what signaling is, strategies to stay open, and wheeling.


The three module bonus mini course will boost your Limited skills and imbue you with more confidence so you can perform better at your next event and win more prizes.

For a limited time the Level Up Your Magic: The Gathering Skills course is available for $97.

You’ll also get the Limited Toolbox mini-course (normally $27) for FREE!!!

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This bundle of Pro-level training will improve your deckbuilding and sideboarding skills. It will help you manage tilt and conduct an effective post-game evaluation, and it will help you prepare for tournaments in the most efficient way possible.

With these skills mastered you will win more games, place higher and walk away from events feeling validated as a Magic player (not to mention with more prizes in your pockets).

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