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Conquer your specific challenge and move even closer to the playing on the Pro Tour with these custom tips.

As you know, deck building is not the only obstacle you’re going to face.

You’ll also need to:

  • Discover how to evaluate the metagame
  • Participate in Competitive Level events
  • Shape your mindset to handle wins and losses
  • Practice effective post-game evaluations

So you can make it from your local game store to the Pro Tour.

Which is exactly why I’ve developed this custom guide to show you the next steps to take in addition to implementing the deck building strategies you’ll receive shortly.

For starters, it appears that based on the answers you provided you are a Magic Guildmage and you face the Guildmage’s Challenge!

The hallmark of a Guildmage is regularly attending FNM and other local events but have never attended a Grand Prix.

They build their own decks as well as dabble with the top tier decks of the format. Their understanding of the rules is solid as they’ve picked up enough from playing with the other mages at the store.

Guildmages have a modest card collection and will occasionally buy single Magic cards to get what they need but mostly purchase sealed product (booster packs) for the thrill of seeing what they get.


The Guildmage’s Challenge is to attend their first Grand Prix and become familiar with competitive level play.


As a Guildmage, if you’re serious about conquering this challenge and taking your skills to the next level then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a Grand Prix
  2. Commit to Attend
  3. Practice
  4. Attend the Grand Prix


Step 1: Find a Grand Prix

Use Wizards’ Premiere Event Schedule to find a Grand Prix that is within a few hours drive from you.

Magic: The Gathering Premier Event Schedule

Once you’ve identified a Grand Prix, get more details by clicking on the event on the calendar.


Step 2: Commit to Attend

Now that you’ve found a Grand Prix it’s time to commit to going.

The first thing you’ll do is check and clear your weekend.

I highly recommend blocking off Thursday through Monday whenever possible. (Thursday and Monday are travel days in this case.) If that is not doable, then Friday through Sunday will suffice. Just know that if you arrive Friday and leave Sunday, while you’ll make the main event, you won’t enjoy everything the Grand Prix offers.

Next, you need to register. This is commitment at the highest level and signing up sooner rather than later will not only lock you into attending but give you time to practice and build excitement as well.

If the GP you’ve chosen is within the next three months then when you click on it from the schedule page you should see the Grand Prix Overview.

From here, simply follow the link to the registration page and sign up.

If the tournament organizer isn’t listed and the registration page is not available yet then you’ll see a page like this with general Grand Prix information:

At this point, all you can do is bookmark the schedule page and check back once a week until the information is available.

By identifying an event now and committing to attend you will start down the path of taking your game to the next level.


Step 3: Practice

After you’ve identified an event, tell your friends and the players in your local game store. Find out if others are attending so you can form a playtest group and find travel buddies. Pop into the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group and let us know as well, it’s a great place to find playtest buddies.

As your event draws near you’ll need to start practicing. Here’s a training plan to help you prepare.

Grand Prix Training Plan

  • Identify the format of your event (Standard, Modern, Legacy, Sealed, etc…)
  • Determine the deck you’ll play
    • Use MTG Top 8 and MTG Goldfish to review the decks that are currently doing well in the format of your event.
    • Decide on which deck you want to play.
      • The popular choices are either the best deck or a deck tuned to attack the best deck.
      • Consider the types of decks you enjoy playing and make your decision.
    • Next, use to search for any videos of the deck you’ve chosen. You want to start consuming content about your deck and the meta game so you can familiarize yourself with common lines of play.
  • Practice
    • Build your deck (proxy it out first) and play it every chance you get. If your playtest group doesn’t have the best decks built then proxy them up and ask your friends to pilot them.
      • is the best site to print a gauntlet of Magic decks.
  • Sideboard
    • Use the knowledge you gain from video coverage, articles and your own playtesting to build a sideboard against the metagame you expect to face.
    • You can use an online sideboard guide as a jumping off point but make it your own.
  • Adjust
    • Make changes to your main and sideboard and test, test, test.
    • The more games you get in the more data points you’ll gather and the better off you’ll be at your event.

This training plan and a calendar was also emailed to you.


Step 4: Attend the Grand Prix

You’re as ready as you’ve made yourself by this point, so when the big weekend comes, get yourself to the venue and have a blast!

I am so excited for you to attend a Grand Prix because they’re both a wonderful experience and a fantastic way to play against worthy opponents who can help you improve.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready. Go anyways!

You’ll never feel ready for a Grand Prix until you actually start going.

You may surprise yourself and do quite well, or you may fall short of your expectations, either way, take notes and learn. Then set your sights on the next Grand Prix and use the lessons learned to get a better result.


The Next Next Step

The training plan above is designed to guide you through the technical process of preparing for a Grand Prix, but you’ll quickly find there is much more that goes into being completely ready.

Keep in mind that travel, lodging, meals, and mindset are equally important to your success.

You face long days of Magic when you attend a Grand Prix and they will be both exciting and exhausting.

To make sure you’re fully prepared for what lays ahead, I’ve put together…

The Ultimate Guide to Attending a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix
Customed designed to assist to avoid the most common newbie pitfalls and includes checklists for before, during and after your event.

It’s easy to think that for a Grand Prix you just need to grab your deck and go (since that’s basically what you do for local events) but there are a surprising number of nuances that can hamper your enjoyment if you aren’t prepared for them.

The guide covers all the bases outside of the technical prep to make sure you have the best experience possible when attending.

In the guide you’ll find:

  • My best lodging tips so you can save money and reduce stress
  • Travel tricks on how to arrive safely with optimal bandwidth for the event so you can stay focused and feel less stressed during the long tournament days
  • Recommended packing list (so you don’t forget anything and miss out on side events)
  • The best tournament day snacks and when to take them so you’ll have energy and increased focus all day long and avoid subpar plays due to nutrient crashes
  • Mental energy conservation techniques so you can bring your best to every round of two long days and have an edge over your opponents
  • How to connect with Pro players at the event so you can get level up tips and expand your network
  • How to take proper notes and what to do with them so you can improve as a player and win more events
  • What to do after the Grand Prix to prepare for the next one so you can rank even higher

For a limited time The Ultimate Guide to Attending a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix is available for $9.

I may or may not raise the price in the near future so don’t be surprised if you come back and find the price is $17 or even $27!

So I suggest you grab it now while it’s still only $9 so you can save money, reduce stress, be better prepared, and rank higher at your Grand Prix.

Simply click the green “Add To Cart” button now and upon check out the print-ready guide, training plan, and calendar will be emailed to you with the subject line “Your Ultimate Guide is Here!”

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